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Counseling and Supervision (not only) for Executives

LifeDesign & Development

Counseling and Supervision (not only) for Executives


A Parable
A merchant in Teheran sees a stranger in the bazaar one morning. The strange carries a scythe, while looking towards him and raising his hand.
Startled, the merchant runs to a friend: „Help me, my dear, I've just seeing Death and he is ready to take me. I must flee!“ The friend gives him his fastest horse. The merchant races on the animals back, all day, all the way to Isfahan. Late in the evening, he arrives there. tired and exhausted. He looks for an hotel and enters his room - and is encountering death, sitting on a chair, again. "Oh, no, you're here! In this room!", he shouts out. "How could you find me when you threatened me just this morning in Teheran?"
„I haven't threatened you at all,“, Death replies. "I was astonished: How can it be that I see you in Teheran this morning when I have orders to pick you up here in Isfahan this evening?" (adopted from Anthony de Mello, 1930)

Our Vision

I love this parable. It´s symbolizing the limitations amid all our possibilities to shape our life - including also my offers in "LifeDesign&Development", We´re not "masters in our own house" (Sigmund Freund) and are aware of all our efforts and attempts to create the decisive anti-depressive tension (e.g. important life goals, meaningfulness) being limited in the end.
But yet we're desperately trying to find and develop the most valuable and best parts of ourselves, thus also for others, for the world. Who are you and who could you be?
The offers here on this website are designed to optimize yourself and to express and shape your resources and thus your strongest possibilities!

Qualifikationen Dr. phil. Hans-Joachim Eberhard

Teaching Supervisor DGSv
Group Teaching Analytist D3G
SeniorAdviser RochusMummert
Tutor Moderator KVWL
9levels Consultant
Systemic Therapist

In case of interest I'd like to present you an appealing offer!
Development of Leading Competencies
Individual Counseling, including Lifestyle and HealthyHabits
Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients in the Forensic Psychiatry and of Inmates
Group-analytic Team Supervision
Management-Potential-Assessments (MPA)
Supervision for Executives: Reflect your Role and Design your Development
Mediation in Conflicts
Values in Teams
Prevention of Violence in Physician Practice
Ambulant Psychotherapy (if indicated)
Supervision and Development of Organizations
Intermitted Fasting
Life Consulting, Support in Crisis
Overcoming fears, Social defense

Recommendations of Cooperation Partners

"Successful counseling"

Thomas Echterhoff (Geschäftsf. Gesellschafter Echterhoff GmbH)

Echterhoff Unternehmensgruppe

„Helpful professional development“

Alexander Weber (Geschäftsführer BSG Bildungsinstitut)

BSG Bildungsinstitut

„Cooperation for many years“

Maud Beste (Geschäftsführerin Städtisches Klinikum Gütersloh)

Klinikum Gütersloh

"Further development of our team"

Carsten Fortmann (Teamleiter Fachklinik Fredeburg)

Johannesbad Fachklinik Fredeburg

Reliable support of our nurses“

Georg Schneider (Pflegedirektor Städtisches Klinikum Dortmund)

Klinikum Dortmund

„Experienced lecturer“

Alexandra Alkemper (Geschäftsführerin Medikon Oberhausen)

Medikon Oberhausen

„Exceptional assessments“

Dr. Henrik Räwer (Geschäftsf. Gesellschafter RochusMummert GmbH)

Rochus Mummert

„Intensive, trustful cooperation“

Ralf Nennhaus (Geschäftsführer St. Josef Krankenhaus Moers GmbH)

St. Josef Hospital Moers


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